TESTIMONIALS 2024 (Mumbai)

Mr. Tapan Kapadia, Director - HSW Embroidery Machines

We are based in Surat and we are selling single head embroidery machines which people use at home. Till now we have empowered more than 28000 women all over the country and we are also selling our machines worldwide, including countries such as Australia, Canada, Middle East, Africa. We are also having offices Pan India. Till date this is our 2nd show in Mumbai and we are also taking part in Delhi. We have had an excellent experience here, last year as well as this year too we got a great number of clients and the most exciting ones were from Kolkata, Madurai and Delhi. This show is based in Mumbai but we are getting buyers from all over India. We are displaying all kinds of Single head machines and the new product at this time is double sequins, double beads with coding machines where you can do the fine work of pearls.

Mr. Sameer Pauriyal, Director - Tukatech

Hi, my name is Sameer Pauriyal and I am a director at Tukatech. Tukatech is a US based company, so our specialization is in cad cam solutions, software for product development designing, cutting room solutions and then the hardware – spreading machines, cutting machines and so on. Gartex has always been a good experience for us, this is i think the 4th or 5th time we are participating, it has always been a very good experience in term of business enquiry, networking and then generating new sales and getting to meet industry people and the events are always very well organized, very well coordinated with good visitor profile being insured by the organizers that quality people come and visit us and so on, so yes it has differently been good 3 days we look forward to take part in future Gartex events 

Mr. Rohit Gupta, Managing Director - Balaji Sewing Machine Pvt. Ltd.

This is Rohit Gupta from Balaji Sewing, this is our third edition at Gartex and we have received tremendous response. It has been a great platform to showcase our production and innovation, we have received very good responses, hats off to the Gartex team. They have given us a tremendous opportunity to showcase the best we have. We will be back soon next year, Thanks A Lot!

Mr. Alok Parekh, Director - Shreenath Paper

We are based in Mumbai and Aurangabad and we deal in Sublimation Papers which are used for digital printing. It’s basically heat transfer technology, we have to first print on that and thru heat fusion it gets transferred to fabric. This is my first time at Gartex Texprocess India and the experience is truly great and we are looking forward to participating again and again. The visitor footfall was great and we are expecting more. We expect the show to keep happening in Mumbai so that we could attend and get great benefits from the show. We are getting absolutely the right visitor profile and we are also getting export enquiries from various countries and buyers are coming to us.

Arun Sharama, Advertising Manager - Bharti Creations

We do the manufacturing of DTF(Direct To Film) Rolls and we are giving the products, productions and printers. We are also giving the DTA Printing service, raw materials, inks, powders and the rolls. We have a setup in Sangli Maharashtra and we have an office in Mumbai. We are also giving printing services. So right now, we are just showing the samples of the DTF products of DTF Films. We have always participated in Gartex Texprocess India where we have done a lot of exhibitions. Here the customer response is good and we are just showing samples on the T-shirts of DTF Films. The experience at Gartex Texprocess India is good. 


VINAY DUA, Managing Director- Geminy Industrial Enterprises Pvt. Ltd

I had heard about the Gartex Texprocess India expo, so we set up our own stall here and introduced some of our latest products. I feel thankful that the responses we are getting in Gartex Texprocess India and the feedback we are getting feels like that we have selected the best platform for the introduction to our solutions. The footfall has been good. The footfall in the Afternoon was more. We have been getting good responses since morning and we believe that in the coming times, we will get even better responses. This platform is a must for launches such as  our Geminy Sewing Machines in India. We are thankful to Gartex Texprocess India, for a good location, we got a stall right in the entry hall. We will get better performances in the coming times.

Arun Varshney, Vice President and Head Textile- Colorjet

We have been getting a very good response from the customers. In addition we displayed a wide range of garments that were produced out of our machines. The customers are really appreciating the print quality and we are doing a very good business at Gartex Texprocess India and I am 100% sure that we would be participating in the next season. We are very excited to have a lot of good buyers. Actually, the footfall which we are having here is from very high industrial machine requirement customers to a very startup type of a requirement, where the customer is looking for a start up production. So we have been able to engage in very good business out of the last 2 days and I am 100% sure that in the next 2nd and 3rd day we will also be able to have very good business.

ABHINAV ARYA, Director-planning- FABCARE

We are a regular participant in the exhibition called Gartex Texprocess India. We greatly appreciate the strong support we’ve received for showcasing our latest products according to the latest trends of the advancing industry. This is a great platform that enables us to give a demonstration to our clients, customers who are coming from all over the country. The show is exceptionally good and  we are experiencing  great footfall from the entire industry. The timing of the show is perfect for our customers as they plan their next purchases and we’re excited about our automation focus this year. Our goal is to offer the best technology available in the market. We want to thank the Gartex Texprocess India for giving us this platform.

AASHISH ARORA, Director Marketing- J.N.Arora & Co Pvt. Ltd

I would like to share that the experience of Gartex Texprocess India 2023 edition was very good, very encouraging. We have a lot of good enquiries and a lot of decision makers have visited the show this year. I wish all the best to Gartex Texprocess India expo for their upcoming editions.

TESTIMONIALS 2023 (Mumbai)

Rohit Gupta, Director - Balaji Sewing Machines

From CAD, cutting, sewing, finishing and washing machines, we specialise in being the total solutions providers – under one roof. At this year’s Gartex we have displayed MAICA pocket setters, MAICA creasing machines, JACK pocket setup and large area pattern sewing machines, buttons, feeders, JUKI pocket welting machines and JUKI automations. The response has been tremendous and we look forward to the next edition.

Priyanka Baraiya, Area Sales Manager - Orange O Tec.

I would like to thank everyone at Gartex who made this a platform where we can showcase our products. We have displayed a digital print sublimation printer range which is our expertise and digital textile printer from a brand called Colorix. We are very happy with the footfall and are looking forward to more visitors. There is a lot of demand for pigment printing, which we have been working towards. We plan to participate in the Delhi Show and look forward to more opportunities and prospects. Thank you.

Parag S. Kothari, Chairman & Managing Director - Jaysynth JISL

I want to start by thanking the Gartex organisers for doing an excellent job. We have a very good response because of the show. We have launched our digital pigmenting machine which is unique. We are the first Indian company to manufacture digital pigmenting for textile printing and we have achieved a very soft feel which is very unique in the industry and will challenge reactive printing. Gartex is a very nice platform for us to show our products. We had a very good visitor interaction and the customers had a chance to see our machines in detail. And we look forward to the next show in Delhi.

Nitin Mathur, Regional Sales Manager - IIGM Mumbai | Mr. Yutaka Shinsei, Manager (Sales & Marketing) - JUKI Smart Solutions

We are having a great time at GTI. Today is the third day and we had a fantastic two days. We have introduced the label attach machine with new devices and new spare parts, new snap-attaching machines, logo machines, elastic machines with automatic cutters and from the cutting room we have automatic spreading machines. We are having a good footfall and customer service. 

This time we are really happy to come to such a beautiful and modern exhibition in Mumbai. We are very proud to exhibit all our machines. Thank You.


Vishal Khemka, Director, Vishal Sewtech

We are importers and suppliers of jack sewing machines. Every year we are getting new models and new technology, which are now improving or increasing the efficiency of the garment manufacturing and reducing the cost.  This is our first time participating in Gartex Texprocess and to be very honest, this is the best exhibition which I have ever experienced. The organization of the show and its promotion have been amazing. We are getting a good response from the customers and we have generated good inquiries for our machines. Thank you!

Mahaveer Luniya, CEO, Gauge International

We provide end-to-end solutions to the garment industry from cutting, to finishing, you’ll find all kinds of automatization parts and machines available. We are really very happy to come into Gartex. This is our first show and the crowd has been amazing. The visitors, the host, the exhibitors, all have been awesome. I think there is a brilliant footfall of targeted and meaningful audiences from the industry. We wish Gartex all the very best and congratulate them for putting up such a good show. Thank you so much.

Kamal Kumar, Marketing Manager, Green Printing Solutions

This is our seventh outing in a row and this show has been fantastic for us for the last seven years. And this time around also, it’s looking really fantastic. The footfall has been really, really good and very, very focused.  We seem to be really benefited by this show every year. So basically we are growing along with the show and our market is expanding into Europe, Jordan, Egypt, etc and we are really, really getting benefited out of this show! Thank you very much.

Harsh Agarwal, Director, MRA Sons Enterprises Pvt Ltd

We did not come here just to display sewing machines, but the complete solutions in garment manufacturing like embroidery spreaders, machines, etc. We have participated in other shows but Gartex is the best platform in the Garment Industry because of all the facilities provided and the good response that we get here. Even though it is raining outside, the footfall is still strong. We are looking forward to participating next year as well with a bigger stall. Thank You!

TESTIMONIALS 2022 (Mumbai)

Mr. S. Bharath, Director, Mehala Machines India Ltd

We are very happy that we have participated in GTI. We have several products, including new products on display with the latest technology that supports IoT and other latest trends. We are displaying our new range of spreading machines and a lot of other garment machinery as well. The experience with this show has been very good, we have got excellent footfall and a lot of prospective customers visited our stall and we are pleased about it.

Mr Yaron Shaul, Marketing Application Engineer & Ms Priyanka Baraiya, Area Sales Manager - Orange O Tec/ Twine Solutions

We are known for our product line in digital textile printing and we are very excited to be here at GTI to showcase our first digital dyeing machine in an exhibition, as it is the first digital dyeing machine in the world. We are delighted to get into the Indian market with this kind of technology. Many customers are coming forward to know about our product, the footfall has been really good all three days and we are very happy that Gartex is giving us a chance to showcase our product line.

Mr Rashid Sayyad, General Manager - Royal Embroidery Threads Pvt Ltd

We are a company based in Mumbai producing all kinds of viscose rayon and polyester embroidery threads. At the Gartex show, we have launched our new product, spun polyester threads for the sewing, embroidery and garment industry and we are getting a very good response and are delighted to be a part of GTI. We thank the organizers for this show and are looking forward to a good business from the visitors here.

Mr Mukund Agarwal, Business Head - Baba Textile Machinery

We are a 15-year-old company specializing in embroidery machines. We displayed a single head embroidery machine with eight sequence devices, two beaded devices and much more. Everyone is happy to see these devices running in harmony and sync with our machines. Thank You to Gartex for giving us this excellent opportunity to showcase our machines.

Mr K B Prasad, Director - Balaji Sewing Machine Pvt Ltd

We are 30-year-old company, earlier we were basically a sewing machine company and now we have evolved into a complete Garment Machinery Solution. So, there are a lot of visitors coming to our stall and they are curiously looking at these kinds of solutions. This will probably be a revolution because many people were afraid of installing automation, but with our strength of after-sale service, which we have already proven, we feel that this platform will give us very good business in the future. Thanks to the Gartex team.


Priyanka Manmohan & Khurshid, Orange O Tech Pvt. Ltd.

Gartex is a really good platform for us. Even after the Covid situation, we are getting good footfall at the fair and good inquiries from different places. We were not expecting so many visitors considering the situation but it has been quite active and it is a positive experience for us. Special thanks to Gartex

Prakhar, Country Manager, Morgan Tecnica

The experience has been quite good. The footfall has been excellent, people from all across the country visited us and we also experienced new inquiries and are excited to exhibit next year.

Mukund Agarwal, Business Head- BABA Textile Machinery India Pvt Ltd.

I would like to start by saying how refreshing this experience has been. Finally, we are participating in an exhibition. A physical exhibition rather than a digital one and a lot of people are coming in unexpectedly in spite of the Covid virus. The inquiries generation has been phenomenal and we are having some good responses. Overall it is a good experience participating in Gartex this year.

Jitender Pal Singh, VP, Textile- Colorjet

This is the fourth time we are participating in Gartex Texprocess India and we are very happy that year on year our visibility and customer recognition has been growing particularly participating in exhibitions like Gartex. This particular year we had a doubt before the exhibition that we get so much footfall due to Covid and the issues? But the past two days have really shattered all our doubts. The footfall has been more than adequate and we are very happy for the good quality clientele that we have interacted with during the exhibition.

Akshay Tomar, Executive(Corp Marketing) Vardhman Textiles Ltd.

We had a great experience this year at Gartex. We experienced a good footfall not just for garments but also for yarns as well. Glad to witness such a footfall and result. Hopefully, we will have another exhibition from Gartex in the future soon.


S Bharath, Director – Mehala Machines India Ltd.

“Gartex has been a very good show for us. We received a lot of new customers apart from the existing ones. We are happy being associated with the show as a lot of visitors came from far away places, which proves that the organisers have put extra efforts this time in reaching them.”

Anu Dogra & Rajesh Lakhanpal, Madura Coats

“Like any other year, this edition has been fantastic too. This year, we are focusing on sustainability which includes not just our sustainable product offerings but also our initiatives across five pillars – water, energy, effluence, social and living sustainability.”

Aayush Rathi, Director – Colorix/Orange Group

“We have received good quality visitors. We found the platform apt to launch our FabPro2, which has been well-received by visitors here. We hope that this show will open the doors for us in north India. We are thankful to the organisers.”


Mohan Kumar,MD, Cheran Machines India Pvt. Ltd.

We are the manufactures of textile & garment printing machines. We are proud to promote our product at this platform. We are more than happy to be at Gartex as it is an apt platform for our business growth.

Neville Turel, E. H. Turel & Company

We are happy to be a part of Gartex 2018. The show has been pretty successful for us. It is a well organised exhibition and the whole Gartex Team is very co-operative. We look forward to be here for the next time as well.

Abhinav Arya, Director-Planning, Fabcare

Fabcare specialises in garment washing, garment dyeing & post-process of printed textiles. This is our first experience at Gartex which is extremely well for us. The footfall was excellent and we got quality crowd. This exhibition is far ahead when compared to others. We look forward to associating with it in future for sure.


Umesh Gaur, Tukatech Asia

We have put forth all our solutions in Gartex. People are showing interest. We missed last year and regret. The crowd is very good and the efforts put by the organising team is great. Noting all this, we have big plans for the next edition.

Smarth Bansal, Colorjet India Ltd

We are displaying two new technologies that are: dye sublimation printer and reactive printer machine. We had great experience with visitors, got some serious enquiries and hope quite a few deals to be closed. The visitors were quite focused.

Deepak Chaudhary, Aura Technologies

This is our second time that we have participated in Gartex. We unveiled three different technologies, which are latest and unique. Gartex provided us the best platform to roll these off for our Indian clients. The quality of visitors and the footfall is very good. They are very focused and are actual buyers.