16 Apr 2022 Industry News

Textile Industry is one of the leading sectors in the Indian economy with around 14% contribution to total industrial production.   One…Read More

07 Apr 2022 Industry News

New Technologies in the Textile Industry enable the vibrant imaging of fabrics.   In Textile Industry, creating a product from the depths…Read More

31 Mar 2022 Industry News

Jute Industry is a major contributor in Indian Textile Industry providing employment to over 4 lakh people and grossly adding $453 million…Read More

22 Apr 2019 Textile

Plastic bags are a major generator of greenhouse gases and hazardous waste.    Plastic takes around 300 years to degrade and are…Read More

28 Mar 2019 Industry News

Zero waste Fabric production can be considered as a benchmark that designers and manufacturers should aim to achieve.   According to zero-waste…Read More

26 Mar 2019 Industry News

Circular Economy simply explained is the economic system to manufacture products with the intent of durability, reuse & recyclability.   The circular…Read More

26 Mar 2019 Industry News

Textile is the second biggest polluting industry, using 800 billion gallons of water every year, accounting for 20% of industrial water pollution…Read More

15 Mar 2019 Textile

Embroidery's origin can be traced back to the 5th century BC, and its mention can be found in the Indian Vedas.  …Read More

05 Feb 2019 Industry News

The sustainable denim notion is not only used in first world nations but has also been introduced in developing countries.   To…Read More

10 Jul 2018 Textile

Digital Textile Printing is a process of printing digital based designs and images directly on fabrics using various print methods.   In…Read More

10 Jul 2018 Industry News

Digitization can help brands increase their production multifold and reduce costs, providing more customer-specific solutions.   Digitization is the process of transmuting…Read More

10 Jul 2018 Industry News

Dry Sublimation creates highly durable products with smoother and brighter colour transitions, creating a more superior look and sleeker finish as compared…Read More