2 Tips Which Will Help Redefine your Denim with Swarovski Crystals

Swarovski Crystals are known to be the highest machine cut and polished crystal in the world known for their superior quality and brilliance.


Swarovski crystals were created in Austria in 1892 and we all know that Swarovski crystals are products that can be used on just about any fabric.


Swarovski crystals x Denim
Swarovski crystals x Denim


Let us explore how to incorporate Swarovski crystal stones into denim.


Denim is an attractive fabric that people love to wear.

Crystals on denim were passé however they are coming back. They are very cool update your childhood memories.

Swarovski crystals can be applied to denim in many different ways: hot-fix, gluing, sewing, and other manual application like rivets.

Also Swarovski application Manual available in the market will provide you with a lot of tips with plenty of information on how to apply Swarovski crystals.

Choose different colours and sizes of the Hot-Fix stones and incorporate them with the hot fix tool available in the market.

They can be arranged in a beautiful pattern that will enhance the beauty of the denim.

Flat Back crystals look exactly the same as the Hot-Fix stones but they have no glue on the back at all, so they must be applied with regular craft glue.

There are some advantages to using Flat Backs, and they usually cost less per stone than the Hot-Fix variety.


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